Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vancouver 2009!

Went to Vancouver for a couple days to eat till i puke, shop till i drop and visit a f of ours! We were ghetto so we drove the 9hr drive but of course i slept and didnt have to drive :P thx to some awesome fs of mine :D!
Thus they had to take a little mini nap when we got there!

We had SOOO much yummi food! and ACK sushi there is amazing!! and the jap boys r even more amazing!!!!! haha too bad i didnt take a pic of their yumminess!! But i did take pics of the yummi food!! This is the bestest tuna tataki on EARTH!!!!

This yummi place with the yummi boys gives me the happiest feeling ever! muhaha U have to go if your in Vancouver its called GUU and its in Gastown! with the gas clock!

Went to Stanley park for some nice night shots!

Oooo cept the weather wasnt sooo hot in Van... it was like rainy like everyday!! But we still managed an awesome sundown shot!

OH and look at what i found at an azn mall!

Also went for some shopping in the states :D!!!! ACK! i luv the states! Look at what i Got!!!! I got MJ sunglasses for 35$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a deal man!

OH and look at the cute hat i found!!

K i think thats enough photo whoring pics of myself! bibi for now!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too Poor to buy jap mags??

Haha r u like me and spent all ur $$$ on bags and makeup!?!? and cant afford $$$ jap mags! haha Guess what!!! U can read them on9 for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Sweet hey!! My f sent me this site and its like OMG!!! AMAZING!!

U can read all the mags free as a guest!! Good enough for me!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Treats :D

Sorry for not posting for soo long i have been working WAY TOOO hard! and partying even harder :D!
I got some treats this week while my f came back from hk :D
FINALLY GOT THE KATE diamond eyes and Esprique C1 palette!! :D SOO HAPPPY!!!

Both r sooo pretty! Kate is a bit more of a grayish brown and more cool toned and Esprique C1 is just sooo choclately :D!

(I dont know y this pic wont go normal)
I used C1 to a wedding yesterday and its sooooo prettty :D
I was sooo rushed i didnt do a close up shot but here are some pics from last nite :D

What else have i done lately???
OH YAH PUB CRAWL :D!!! SOOO FUN! never partied soo much in my life be4!! we started at 2pm and then ended at midnite cuz we were just tooo pooped to do nething else!!


Pics of us NOT drunk at the stampede :D

Haha heres me and my f we look homeless! :P

thats about all ive done so far :P!! Will have more postings later when i go on vac next week :D