Monday, February 28, 2011


3/4 Sleeve Cream Sweater from Korea

Camel Suede Converse Chucks
It snowed! :(!!! So i had to pull out my sweater and cashmere jacket
What I wore:
Burberry Large Open Tote
Leopard Scarf from Korea
Camel Cashmere Hooded Jacket (my moms)
3/4 Sleeve Cream Sweater from Korea
American Eagle Olive Cargo Jeggings
Camel Suede Converse Chucks
Sorry some of the pictures turned out blurry

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Korea Part 2

Spiciest noodles I have ever had in my life! I think even So would even think this is spicy!
I could not feel my tongue after this!


Tempura Shrimp

Worst Waffle I have had in my life 

Ginsing Chicken 

APM shopping central! 


Steamed dumplings

Red bean fishy! 

Sorry theyre just pictures of food! Whats up with azns and taking picture of food?! We do it everywhere we go! 

Are you that type of azn? cuz I sure am! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make your own Ice Cream Cake!

1 pack of 550g Oreos (or premade oreo crumbs)
2 different favorites of 1L ice cream 
Cake ring 

In a large bowl, set ice cream at room temperature till half melted 

While the ice cream is melting, crush about 20 Oreos in a bag

I took the filling out of some of the Oreos to prevent it being too sweet

Add about 3-4 tablespoons of fudge into Oreo crumbs

Line your cake ring with Saran wrap and pour a thick layer of your Oreo fudge crumbs as the base 
Set in freezer for about 15 minutes for it to set 
*Sorry I forgot to take a pic*

Pour in first layer of ice cream 
Set in freezer for about 30 minutes 

Top with another layer Oreo crumbs 
Set in freezer for about 15-20 minutes 
Pour in your second flavor of ice cream 
Set in freezer overnight or a day or two

Next day.... Decorate 
Sorry for the crappy end picture... I didn't get time to take a pic of it when it was done

Friday, February 25, 2011


I love farmers markets! They have great food and fresh produce! I have found the best frozen pizza ever at a little farmers market by my house. You buy your gluten free, whole wheat, or white pizza frozen and it takes about 15-20 minutes to bake and its ready to eat! Delicious!

whole wheat, packed with toppings deluxe pizza 

Do you go to Farmers Markets?

Korea Part 1

I was Seoul excited to go to Korea over Xmas! I love their food and makeup! Here are just some of the pictures I took - mainly food! 

Squid Rings 

Fried potatoes on a stick 

More squid 

Abalone Congee 

Beautiful Xmas Lights

Mom and I 

Korean Snacks

BBQ Eel with seaweed rice in the background 

Stingray Sashimi 

Tons of clams and mussels

Never have I seen such a ginormous octopus! 

Abalone Sashimi 

Best abalone ever! So sweet and tender! 

We cant forget the most famous Kimchi! 


Cute ajuma making us some breakfast 

haha k! I think thats enough food for one day! More to come later! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let there be light

I'm in the mist of cleaning and organizing my room and so far Ive been super lucky with finding great deals!
My main purpose for cleaning my room is to put away all text books and notes in storage and hopefully never see them here again!

One of the things I changed in my room was lighting. It was very dark in my room before and I always had to open the blinds for some light. Now I don't need to! I found this light on sale for $40 at Canadian Tire! I personally really like crystals so I thought this was perfect!



What do you guys think?

MJ obsessed

I have really been into Marc by Marc Jacobs for the past 1-2 years now. However, I dont have many of his items just a bag and a pair of shoes but I am loving these three things....

Rosegold watch via shopbop

Zipper earrings via shopbop

Mouse Flats via zappos

Do you like the brand Marc by Marc Jacobs?