Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trying out E.L.F! and diy silky smooth hands!

I finally tried the E.L.F eyeshadow i got last week. I used the really dark smokey gray! I wore it in the day to work so i didn't want to go all out with the other black and all so i paired it with pink and a dark purple.
What i used:

First i used 1 from dior all over the lid. Then i lined my eyes with MUFE. Then using an angled brush i lined the top lash line and 3/4 of the bottom lashes with the E.L.F. dark gray (sorry i dont know the name... it doesnt have one??). Then i used 2 from the dior palette on the outer "v" of the eye and the bottom 3/4 of the lash line. I used the E.L.F. shadow brush to blend everything together.
Lined with liquid liner, and scara!

concealed with Guerlain and used Laura Mercier garden mosaic bloc for cheeks and highlight!

Kinda looks like the other purple smokey eye i did be4 but this is a little bit more dramatic and defined :P
Now onto hands!! I work in a profession where i always have to wash my hands.... and plus due to pandemic outbreak of swine flu i think everyones been washing their hands more. The more we wash our hands the more natural oils we wash away thus drying our hands up and they look all gross and old! I have found a super cheap diy method to make my hands smooth and moist :D!

- pair of gloves any old gloves will work
- vaseline
- any hand cream
SO basically all u do is swab a big swab of vaseline and mix it with hand cream. Then before you sleep put gloves on. The next morning u will have silky smooth hands!!

OH YAH! OMG!! I finally found a pencil sharpener that works with my MUFE liner! The 1$ E.L.F. one is awesome!

thats it for now! :D I took 8hrs of CPR 2day and it was worse than work! >< i like fell asleep! hahaha

Sausage party!!

haha! had another sausage party! We went to eat sushi AGAIN!
While we were waiting i found this super cut drawing in the paper! Its sooo cute!!

neways onto the food!

We had Katsu Don

Tempura Udon!

Hehe u grind ur own sesame! cept i got tired and only did it half way :P!

and lots of rolls :D

We then wanted to go watch transformers!!

haha cept it wasnt out yet! ><" so we went to watch Hangover!! made me super miss LV!! Neways I wore a very light springy taupey bronzey look to match my dress! :D which i super duper luv cuz its like colorful leopard print!!

Thats it for now!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Natural Minerals

My lovely f got this for me cuz it was on sale for like 4$ or 6$ or something... basically it was cheap so she got it! She got me this in transparent or something...
The packaging is.... well its drug store... and at first i was like mmm?? do i need another pressed powder?! cuz i dont use powder that often neways cuz im sooo drrry!? but neways i tried it on and its really good for 4$! When im lazy even too lazy to put tinted moisturizer on i just use a big brush and swirl it all over my face and it evens out complexion! then put some concealer to conceal circles and wahtever spots then blush and im set to go!! I even get a healthy glow effect! Great buy for 4$! :D

Friday, June 19, 2009

yummi yummi early weekend

My f from hk came back after 3 yrs!! normally i only getta c him once a yr when i go back to hk but this time he came back! So we went out for wings :D! soo yummi

haha bau bau bak bak

Haha my f looks Philippino haha but hes not! haha i laughed soo hard when i saw him after 6 months! and i think the curly hawk made me laugh even more :P!

2day i finally gotta try Cora! its a breakfast place that sells really yummi yummi crepes :D! we were gonna go get more crepes after this but we didnt expect them to be humungous!!! so too full to try the other place...so next time!

We ordered sunshine and april'89. Sunshine is a panini crepe with eggs and ham in it! it was soooo yummmi!!!

April'89 is a crepe with tons and tons of fruits and custard inside! pretty good too! but i still like the sunshine cuz i like savory crepes better :D

Then we went for a little walk to burn some calories and look!!

Finally makeup for 2day i used a dark dark purple/plum color to line/smudge the top and half of the bottom lash line.

Thats it for now!!! thx for dropping by! :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009


:D! I went shopping yes and i found this set on sale :D!!! it comes with 3 shadows, 1 pair of fake lashes, shadow brush, eye liner, scara and a sharpener :D! Ive wanted to try this brand for a while now cuz ive heard its cheap and its pretty good quality.

Heres the shadows with flash. I luv the gray its soo pretty! Hope they live up to all the hipe.
Ive already tried the brush and it is really soft and pretty good for 1$!!!
The scara ive tried be4 in brown because my f gave me it and it worked pretty well for me. Theres no flakes or nething which is good for 1$!! haha I have to emphasize that everything is 1$!!! :D!
ill try the liner and shadows another day!
WUUU and looky at my pearls :D! I found these in my mommys drawer and thought i would make good use of it! Ive always wanted to buy them but now i dont need to :D!!

Drinks with juju and bebe! haha

Quick little update! :D
i have 3 days off!! :D!! so we went out for drinks last nite and dessert :D!!

thats all for now!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


yah!! finally got time to blog! :D

I saw this in a mag and i luv it! She looks sooo pretty! I tried my own version of it... it looks different not as pro but i still like it!
Heres what i used:

NYX triple eye shadow in Aloha/mink brown/deep bronze
NYX Ultra Pearl Manial in Walnut
Calvin Klein blush in 107 skin
I luv the nyx palette! It goes on soo smooth and the colors r so pretty :D!!

I used aloha all over the eye as a base and then mink brown just on the lids and finally the deep bronze on top and bottom of the lash lines. Then i used walnut close to the end to deepen the color. I used a gold in the corner to brighten them up :D. I then used a dark brown to line both top and bottom of eyes and finally black liquid liner on the top.

HAHA i look stupid in this pic :P!

Close up:

Monday, June 8, 2009

My white weekend!

Finally i got friday off after 10 days of working straight!! Omg i think i am crazy for taking on soo many 16 hr shifts! I thought i was gonna die! hahha but friday was interesting... couldnt say it was super duper fun but it was a break from work. It was my fs bday i got her the laura mercier limited edition palette with 2 blushes, 3 shadows and 3 lippies. The packaging is soo pretty! Its pink! :D and u can use the blush was shadows too.

Also, i found super yummi kitkat! well acutally i didnt find it, it was mailed to me! It was sooo yummi!! its like oreos in kitkat! and it wasnt sweet it was awesome! :D The maltesers r okay super cappuccino :P!

Went out for dinner at super $$ restaurant. ive tried it be4 and wasnt super duper good but then my f wanted to try it :( oh well.

:D!!! We also went for desserts at nectar desserts!!! SOOOO GOOOD!!
We had 5 tartes: blackberry with mousse, raspberry with lemon mousse, and 3 others i dont remember the names off haha :P

We also went clubbing cuz it was another fs bday haha i KNEW we would have to drag him home! and we did! he puked all over the place it was disgusting!! haha so i hosed him down! haha

AND haha this guys shirt lit up! it was sooo kool! ahhaa i didnt know him but i took a pic with him cuz of his kool shirt! :P

AND FINALLY! IT snowed over the weekend!!!!! OMG! Its like june and i had to take my boots out and wear them! >