Friday, June 19, 2009

yummi yummi early weekend

My f from hk came back after 3 yrs!! normally i only getta c him once a yr when i go back to hk but this time he came back! So we went out for wings :D! soo yummi

haha bau bau bak bak

Haha my f looks Philippino haha but hes not! haha i laughed soo hard when i saw him after 6 months! and i think the curly hawk made me laugh even more :P!

2day i finally gotta try Cora! its a breakfast place that sells really yummi yummi crepes :D! we were gonna go get more crepes after this but we didnt expect them to be humungous!!! so too full to try the other next time!

We ordered sunshine and april'89. Sunshine is a panini crepe with eggs and ham in it! it was soooo yummmi!!!

April'89 is a crepe with tons and tons of fruits and custard inside! pretty good too! but i still like the sunshine cuz i like savory crepes better :D

Then we went for a little walk to burn some calories and look!!

Finally makeup for 2day i used a dark dark purple/plum color to line/smudge the top and half of the bottom lash line.

Thats it for now!!! thx for dropping by! :D


  1. I do wear contacts because I'm nearsighted, but that is my natural eye color - I don't like colored contacts on myself :)

  2. thanks for following my blog =]

  3. hiya! i got the Sofina at

  4. Cute eye makeup, and you must have an amazing metabolism to eat all those goodies and stay slim!

  5. omg i love coras!!!! i'm craving it soo badly but i have to wait till i go back to toronto in sept to eat it hahaha.

  6. cute eotd.. food looks yummy!

    are those human-looking cookies for dogs? haha

  7. haha like how you insert a few Cantonese in your post! funny to read so comical..

    waah you post make me hungry...girls always hav room for dessert~~

    you are pretty good wif smokey look~