Thursday, June 18, 2009


:D! I went shopping yes and i found this set on sale :D!!! it comes with 3 shadows, 1 pair of fake lashes, shadow brush, eye liner, scara and a sharpener :D! Ive wanted to try this brand for a while now cuz ive heard its cheap and its pretty good quality.

Heres the shadows with flash. I luv the gray its soo pretty! Hope they live up to all the hipe.
Ive already tried the brush and it is really soft and pretty good for 1$!!!
The scara ive tried be4 in brown because my f gave me it and it worked pretty well for me. Theres no flakes or nething which is good for 1$!! haha I have to emphasize that everything is 1$!!! :D!
ill try the liner and shadows another day!
WUUU and looky at my pearls :D! I found these in my mommys drawer and thought i would make good use of it! Ive always wanted to buy them but now i dont need to :D!!


  1. oh, nice haul,too bad, Elf don't like me

  2. I've wanted to try ELF products for a while too, but they are not available in Canada -_-

  3. Cute necklace!! Very chic!

    ELF products are not pigmented enough for me, although they are great if you like sheer makeup shades. Good luck!