Thursday, August 13, 2009

Perseids meteor showers!

There were meteor showers the other day!! Haha first time watching it totally not waht i expected haha! I think i thought it was gonna be like 流星花園 or something! or like cartoons with TONS of them in the sky! hahha cept it was more like 1 every half hr! hahahha and it was sooooo cold out! so we had to sit in the car and look at them :P!

But i had a fun time! haha I kept on forgetting to make a wish thou cuz everytime i saw one im like "WAAAAAAH" and then it was gone by the time i thought of making a wish >


Paul and Joe Whitening Emulsion:

What it claims: preserves the transparency of the skin and provides continuous moisture. P&J WE effectively controls melanin production, while protecting skin from harmful external agents such as UV rays. This highly effective whitening emulsion is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it translucent and radient.

Active Ingredients: elder extract, grapefruit extract, horse chestnut extract, hawthron extract.

My experience: LUV IT! I luv the smell of it! it smells like oranges or something citrusy! Ive been using it for a couple months now and i did c a difference! My skin looked whiter :D!... but then i went into the sun and kinda defeated all the hard work :(! but overall i think it does work!

Skinfood Fermented Pomegranate Whitening Sleeping Mask:

What it claims: Sleeping mask with cosmeceutical skin lightening essense based on Fermented Pomegranate Extracts to brighten your skin during night sleep.

My experience: I got this to replace my Laneige sleeping mask cuz its seems to be getting more $$$ :(. But neways i c no difference with whitening but after applying it on at night it does feel more moist in the morning.

Philosophy Booster Caps:

What it claims: booster caps with retinol help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Protein-rice dermochlorella helps improve skin's texture and smoothness.

Ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone crosspolymer, trimethylsiloxysilicate, c12-15 alkyl benzoate, maltodextrin, retinol, chlorella vulgaris extract, methyl methacrylate/glycol dimethacylate crosspolymer

My experience: LUV THIS!! :D!! When i have like a scratch or a mini skin tear or something. I apply a little bit of a capsule over it at night and the next morning the opening is closed!! :D!! I got it in a set but alone its SOOOOOOO $$!! like 50$ for like 60 capsules >

Mini Haul

I went out to do some errands on my day out... and came home with a haul!

Ill tell you about the deals i got 2day! :D wuhaha!
a super cute sparkly pink nail polish for 99 cents!! and a top coat for 99 cents!!!
Then i picked up Best of Urban set for $9.99!!!! Ive been dying to try the UD eyeshadow primer potion and this comes with a mini version of it!! :D!
Then i picked up some stuff for my yucky skin! Ive been getting ACNE!!!!! ACK!!! Im like OLD now! y am i getting soo much NOW!??! maybe cuz i play and work way too hard and im lacking my usual 10hr naps!
But neways picked up Neutrogena Rapid Clean 2 in 1 Fight and fade gel hopefully it works it wasnt cheap for like drug store stuff!
And i also got a deal on Roc Purif-Ac cleanser and fast action gel for 25$! :D!
OHOH and look at my cute Nicole by OPI nail polish! It has little hearts in it! SO kawaiiiiiii kekeke!
yah thats it for now! Ive been tooo lazy to take pics of my face cuz my skins gotten really bad >
Ill do reviews on these later!