Monday, July 19, 2010

Nail Night!

Did my fs nail one night. She has really pretty long nails! n This is what i came up with

Tips: Kiss Nail Artist in Silver
Silver sparkles on top
Silver star


Tips: Kiss Nail Artist in white
Nicole by OPI Winter Glitterland
Sally Girl Silver Sparkles no name 812031?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nyx Haul from Cherry Culture

The postman came while i was napping :D! So super happy to find my package arrive when i woke up! Everything was packaged very nicely. It came in a box and all the makeup was in bubble wrap bags.

Most of the stuff is my fs so i cant swatch it. I got 4 NYX pearl mania pigments in all neutral colors and the NYX cream blush in Glow.

All the other pigments look gorgeous and the lipglosses look really pretty too! OH and the LA mineral blush looks really pretty as well!! I cant wait till she tries them!

From left to right: Pearl mania pigments in pearl, nude mink, oro
All swatched dry
They're all soo pretty i don't have a favorite yet!

NYX cream blush in Glow

Looks with these colors will be coming sooon! 

Loreal Lash Boosting serum 2 month review

Refer to my post from week 2 
1 week

2 months

1 week

2 months

Its already been 2 months of using this product every night (well im sure ive missed one or two days in there). But i think it really works! I don't know if you can see it in the pictures but I notice it in real life (or maybe im just fooling myself :P). I had really sparse lashes in the inner right corner of my eye and after using it for 2 months, it looks like i have more lashes!!

My lashes were originally long for an azn, but this has made them longer and healthier! I really like it! and for the price its an amazing product that has worked for me!

Let me know what your experience is with it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Maybelline 40% at Rexall!!

Ill do a review on these later :D!! Look out for them! 

Mini shopping trip :D

Hauled a lot on a mini trip to the states :D 
They r soo lucky! Everythings so much cheaper & NICER down there! I luv it! 

 Tried out all the pigments! 

Super yummi breakfast sandwich 

Biggest shoe on earth! Does someone actually have this big of feet? 

Jack in the Box! It was soo yummi! But i guess this is the reason by americans r soo obese

 So cheap! We get ripped off in Canada! We sell the same tube of ice cream for $7.99!! 

 Mini Haagen Daz :D! Just the right amount in each cup :D 

 Muhahhaa going thru the racks at Loft! 

Biggest Onion ring ive seen in my life! 

 AHHHHH! :D! my mini haul!! I luv everything! 

MMM! they had super yummi pancakes but everything was soooo greeeeeeesy!

 mmm more reasons y were becoming obese :D but soo yummi! 

Spokane falls! There was this huge falls right in the middle of the park! It was pretty amazing! 

Pan fried Hamachi :D 

Thats all the pics from my awesome shopping trip! 

My Lucky Day!

Kinda a long story to why i had a super lucky day!! 
Last week I woke up and got my fs text telling me to call her asap! Later i found out that she had a free ticket to a show and meal and she wanted me to be her date :D!!
So that was a great start to my day as the cheapest tickets for the show are about 60$!!
Anyways! So we decided to meet downtown after work, and Holt Renfrew is downtown so I went and took a quick browse and to my surprise found the Yves Saint Laurent Creme de blush that i have been looking for since it came out last year!!!
It is a limited edition blush and has been sold out for months!
A couple months ago i was soo desperate for it I even asked if they would sell the tester (it was brand new!)! but they said they couldnt :(!!!
So when i heard the SA say that they had the creme de blush in stock i jumped with gleee and bought it without even asking how much it was!!!
Heres some camwhoring of my new bb!

Its sooo pretty! and goes on like a dream!
I luv it! even thought it was 50$! 
Hope you enjoyed the pics :D