Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini shopping trip :D

Hauled a lot on a mini trip to the states :D 
They r soo lucky! Everythings so much cheaper & NICER down there! I luv it! 

 Tried out all the pigments! 

Super yummi breakfast sandwich 

Biggest shoe on earth! Does someone actually have this big of feet? 

Jack in the Box! It was soo yummi! But i guess this is the reason by americans r soo obese

 So cheap! We get ripped off in Canada! We sell the same tube of ice cream for $7.99!! 

 Mini Haagen Daz :D! Just the right amount in each cup :D 

 Muhahhaa going thru the racks at Loft! 

Biggest Onion ring ive seen in my life! 

 AHHHHH! :D! my mini haul!! I luv everything! 

MMM! they had super yummi pancakes but everything was soooo greeeeeeesy!

 mmm more reasons y were becoming obese :D but soo yummi! 

Spokane falls! There was this huge falls right in the middle of the park! It was pretty amazing! 

Pan fried Hamachi :D 

Thats all the pics from my awesome shopping trip! 


  1. WOW that shoe is GINORMOUS!!! Hope you had fun in the states... Those chocolate covered strawberries are making me drool! haha

  2. oooooh looks like you enjoyed that day..