Monday, July 12, 2010

My Lucky Day!

Kinda a long story to why i had a super lucky day!! 
Last week I woke up and got my fs text telling me to call her asap! Later i found out that she had a free ticket to a show and meal and she wanted me to be her date :D!!
So that was a great start to my day as the cheapest tickets for the show are about 60$!!
Anyways! So we decided to meet downtown after work, and Holt Renfrew is downtown so I went and took a quick browse and to my surprise found the Yves Saint Laurent Creme de blush that i have been looking for since it came out last year!!!
It is a limited edition blush and has been sold out for months!
A couple months ago i was soo desperate for it I even asked if they would sell the tester (it was brand new!)! but they said they couldnt :(!!!
So when i heard the SA say that they had the creme de blush in stock i jumped with gleee and bought it without even asking how much it was!!!
Heres some camwhoring of my new bb!

Its sooo pretty! and goes on like a dream!
I luv it! even thought it was 50$! 
Hope you enjoyed the pics :D 


  1. yayyyy it was indeed your lucky day, i can totally imagine your excitement, especially since you've wanted it for so long! yayyy :D

  2. I KNOW! I really was excited! :D! I wish it wasnt a limited edition!