Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I couldnt believe I was wearing a winter jacket in August! It was rainy and freeeezing!! 

Navy American Eagle Fisherman's Jacket
Grey Banana Republic Cashmere Scarf 
Black Loft V neck T 
Zara shorts 
Target Knee High Socks 
Boots from Hong Kong 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Global Fest 2010

Meah... wasnt that great this year... maybe ive seen it too many times? Oh well it was cheap this year! 

HELP!!! Im obsessed!

Ive been obsessing over shoes for the past 2 weeks or so!

Heres a conversation I had recently...
Me: I need 2 new pairs of shoes!
K: Why? Don't you already have a lot?
Me: yah... but these two are different.... they're ESSENTIAL!!
K: ESSENTIAL!?!? are you sure?! How many pairs of shoes do you have anyways?
Me: ...... over 40....
K: :O!!! then you don't need those new shoes.

(By the way K is a boy! n thinks everyone should own no more than 5 pairs of shoes?!)
Is 40 pairs of shoes too many!? He made it seem like a LOT? How many do you guys own!??

Here are just a few of the ones that I luv!
(Left to right from top): Uggs, Aldo, SE Boutique, Alexander McQueen
Zara, Hong Kong, MaxStudios, Zara, Steven Madden
Bronx, Steven Madden, Hong Kong, Melissa  

And here are the 2 that im eyeing.... Im for sure getting a pair of DM.... but should i get the black wedge boots??

Help me decide!! 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Shopping Trip with some buddies

Crepes neone??


Stuffed pancakes and pizza!!


Bestest dumpling (n other yummis) ever!

Im sooo jealous! This girl has the whitest most perfect skin on earth!