Monday, August 30, 2010

HELP!!! Im obsessed!

Ive been obsessing over shoes for the past 2 weeks or so!

Heres a conversation I had recently...
Me: I need 2 new pairs of shoes!
K: Why? Don't you already have a lot?
Me: yah... but these two are different.... they're ESSENTIAL!!
K: ESSENTIAL!?!? are you sure?! How many pairs of shoes do you have anyways?
Me: ...... over 40....
K: :O!!! then you don't need those new shoes.

(By the way K is a boy! n thinks everyone should own no more than 5 pairs of shoes?!)
Is 40 pairs of shoes too many!? He made it seem like a LOT? How many do you guys own!??

Here are just a few of the ones that I luv!
(Left to right from top): Uggs, Aldo, SE Boutique, Alexander McQueen
Zara, Hong Kong, MaxStudios, Zara, Steven Madden
Bronx, Steven Madden, Hong Kong, Melissa  

And here are the 2 that im eyeing.... Im for sure getting a pair of DM.... but should i get the black wedge boots??

Help me decide!! 


  1. Guys will never get the shoe thing! I like your collection. Maybe get the black wedge boots only if you know you'll be wearing them often?

  2. 40 pairs of shoes do sound a lot to me :D. I only had like not more than 20 i think :D
    I'll prefer the black wedge! :)

  3. uuu me liking your alexander mcqueen boots!yummy
    my hot tropical weather forbids me to wear kneelength boots boo!

    hmm i think both are meh-meh passable though
    go looking again :P

    what you hav is far better than both ma

  4. If you like Dr. Martins, Sanrio is releasing a limited edition Hello Kitty Dr. Martin boot. It's pretty cute.