Thursday, April 30, 2009

I ♥ my job! haha

Haha my new job is amazing! I ♥ it!! I have never really liked any of the other places Ive worked at before but this one really is truely amazing! Im a nurse at a seniors home and the residents r soooo cute and funny!! haha something funny happens almost everyday! Today I was walking down the hall and i saw a PCA sitting on a residents walker and the resident pushing her! instead of the other way around! haha I laughed soo hard when i saw it! haha i wish i took a picture of it! it was hilarious!
another residents always like "I cant walk!!" haha and then she walks to her wheelchair! haha
Haha tons of funny silly things they do! too much to blog! I just ♥ my job!!

Also been eatting WAYYYYY too much candy these past couple days! >< sooo bad for my teeth :(! oh well soo cute and sooo yummi!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review: Juice Beauty

I got this long long ago from Sephora...I think i exchanged the Benefit Badgirl mascara for this...which i totally regret now! I chose it because it was organic and it seemed like such a good deal ($30) for all of it. This was a package that came with a cleansing milk, oil-free moisturizer, antioxidant serum, sensitive green apple peel, and a hydrating mist (not in picture) oh yah and some bamboo cleansing cloth which i prob threw away! I would NOT buy this package again!

Cleansing milk label states:
Gently cleanses, antioxidant raspberry juice
The soap-free formula blends certified organic antioxidant-rich raspberry and white grape juices with soothing aloe vera, nutrient-rice grapeseed oil and vitamins to gently remove eye makeup, cleanse and comfort for a dewy, moist complexion.

My take: Doesnt wash off all my makeup and it doesn't give me that clean just washed face feeling either. Didn't leave a comfortable or dewy OR moist complexion! It only left a film that felt dirty? Therefore in my opinion it suxed!!

Oil-free moisturizer label states: pretty much says the same thing as above but instead says "hydrate and quench skins natural moisture balance for a beautiful matte finish"

My take: not very moisturizing, didnt give a matte finish, but out of all the products it is one of the better ones. It doesnt really do much for my skin just using it so i dont waste it.

Antioxidant serum: doesnt work either...the smell is quite horrible too!

Sensitive green apple peel: This says to use once a week and will help get rid of dead skin. This has a horrible smell, doesnt make my skin feel smoother or remove ne dead skin.

Hydrating mist: this has a horrible smell as well, doesnt really do nething either. Basically all the products sux and i would recommend not to get any of these products. After using these products I have no confidence in this brand at all... so would never buy nething from it!


Did a plummy smokey eye today. U can see the sunrise in the background - one of the perks of waking up at 5 in the morning ><

  • Mac silver dust as base
  • Tight lined my eyes with black both top and bottom
  • Lined the top with black again
  • Lancome eye shadow "backstage pass" on top of the black liner and lined the bottom of my eyes in same color
  • Lancome "exhibition" on top of this to blend it all out
  • MUFE "diamond shawdow" in the corners of eyes
  • Fiberwig + Covergirl lash blast luxe

  • As for basemake up i used Stilas tinted moisturizer today because i felt really dry :(...
    I think this tinted moisterizer makes me look really dark haha maybe cuz the shades too dark? Im actually not sure if Stila came up with different shades?

    Then the bling bling HK mystery powder on top. As for blush i used the MAC HK beauty powder blush in "Tippy".

    Thats it for now... work was crazy 2day >__I ran around sooooo much i sweated like a pig!! and plus i wore sweats instead of scrubs which prob didnt help with that :P

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Mac Bling Bling Hello Kitty Sheer Mystery Powder Review

    As i mentioned yesterday, i bought light medium. I tried this 2day...when i first applied it, it made my skin paler, evened out my skin and made it look really nice and smooth. However after a long day of work, i saw that it enhanced my dry patches on my skin when i looked really close in the mirror. But it still looks nice and smooth from afar.

    Monday, April 27, 2009

    Sephora + Mac Haul :D

    Went for sushi today cuz I was sooo bummed i didnt getta try shibuya in LV ><><... only way to make myself feel better is that it was 130$ per person to eat! so i guess i saved? but i had traditional but still yummi sushi 2day with sake, beef tataki, beef tongue and grilled fish :D
    I went shopping be4 sushi and made quite a big purchase >< So lets begin with the bling bling HK powder! I have been eyeing it ever since it came out! it is sooo pretty!! but was just too $$! but :D i got it as a gift hehe so neways! its sooo pretty! I got the lighest color - light medium i think its called. The texture is not too bad but the mirror doesnt seem to be like a real mirror? Its not that clear and its quite small...however, i think i honestly just bought it for the crystals and hk hahaha!
    Next up is the dior palette which i thought was really pretty... but kinda pricey... well depends how u look at it. It was i think $56? for 5 colors. i have had a purple/plummy fetish for a while maybe because plums look soo great on azns?? any azn? I got the palette 970 "Stylish Move". I did swatches of 609 "Earth Reflection", 809 "Petal Shine" and 970 "Stylish Move" (left to right). I was torn between 809 and 970, but finally picked 970 better because it had a really nice dark plum color for lining and smokey eyes rather then just ALL light colors.

    and yes i do have manly hands ><
    The colors are lighter in the picture due to flash
    K enough for now Ill review them when i try them over the weekend or something :P. Still gotta try the P&J foundation... i forgot to do that 2day :P. Going to nap... gotta wake up at 5am tom morning ><

    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    Viva Las Vegas!!!

    Went to LV for 4 days and it was AMAZING! I had soooo much fun even thou we all came back at least half handi!! I was blind and and broke my legs from all the walking.. and well my eye was really dry in the first place! and we barely slept too! haha but it was waaay fun! However, the only thing disappointing was shopping >< Here r some of the things we did! Gamble!!!

    And we drank alcholic slushys!! :D! super yummi!! hahhaa here my friend T and r shared one! They were quite $$ like 35$ for one but worth it cuz u got quite a bit!!
    T: SUCK HARDER! haha
    Me: hahah IM TRYING!!!We went shopping! found some tokidoki hello kittys SOOO CUTE!!
    and we had buffets!! hahah I ate soo much I wanted to puke while i was poooing!! hahaha It was an interesting experience! haha

    and of course M&M!! :D haha! It took me 3 days to take a pic with 3 M&Ms haha they changed colors every day! haha

    Haha enough pics for now!! c ya!

    Pimping with Paul and Joe!!! :D

    Found out about this brand from reading fuzkittie blog and so far I LUV IT!! the packaging is super duper adorable! So far in my little mini P&J collection I have the Disney Bambi Blush, Whitening Emulsion, moisture cream and the moisturizing foundation in 00.

    I havent tried the foundation yet but Ill post as soon as I do! The blush is okay, cept I think the peachy color makes me look really tanned and sun kissed? which i dont really prefer cuz of course im azn and i luv to be as pasty white as i can get!! haha or Im just imagining it?? oh well its still super cute! haha The whitening emulsion and the cream both smell very citrusy? kinda like.... grapefruits/oranges! really yummi and refreshing! Super like it! I have been using the whitening emulsion for about a month now nightly, and I THINK i c results? my pimple scars seem to have lightened? but im not sure if its because of this emulsion or because of squalene (from olive oil) OR if it just naturally lightens after a while? but all in all its pretty nice. The Moisture Cream i have only used twice?? so cant super comment on it other than the fact that it does give lots of moisture and it smells great! All the packages r super pretty and cute! I have fallen in love with paul and joe!! :D too bad it is sooo hard to find where i live...I had to get a friend to buy it for me in HK.... cuz I live in a v deprived city... :(

    Next I also go the Jill Stuart Loose powder! haha i acutally dont know if it works well because I didnt research it... but I just LUVED the packaging! I have never used a loose powder before so im not quite sure what its suppose to do!? but its just sooo pretty! hahha Girls r soooo easy to trick! Just put a hello kitty or make things pretty and well end up spending like 60$ on powder!? >< Havent tried it yet but i just think its absolutely beautiful :D! hehe neways thats all for now!