Thursday, April 30, 2009

I ♥ my job! haha

Haha my new job is amazing! I ♥ it!! I have never really liked any of the other places Ive worked at before but this one really is truely amazing! Im a nurse at a seniors home and the residents r soooo cute and funny!! haha something funny happens almost everyday! Today I was walking down the hall and i saw a PCA sitting on a residents walker and the resident pushing her! instead of the other way around! haha I laughed soo hard when i saw it! haha i wish i took a picture of it! it was hilarious!
another residents always like "I cant walk!!" haha and then she walks to her wheelchair! haha
Haha tons of funny silly things they do! too much to blog! I just ♥ my job!!

Also been eatting WAYYYYY too much candy these past couple days! >< sooo bad for my teeth :(! oh well soo cute and sooo yummi!


  1. The candies look really cutE!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog! You have a really cute blog! ;)