Thursday, May 28, 2009

My package full of rocks!!! :D

Haha jkjk!! thats what i was told thou! that the package was gonna be full of rocks!! but it was filled with goodies + candy!!!! :D
I got loads of skinfoods stuff :D I am soo excited I cant wait for tomorrow to try it all out :D!!

Cept the only thing not in the package was the es i really wanted :( oh well maybe in the next package of rocks :D!
Neways heres a review on the nose strips ive been trying

They smell like peaches :D! Ive been getting lots of blackheads recently?? well.. like last half yr?? so i thought i would try these to c if theyd help!? I dont really know if they help much thou? but ive only used it once :P When i pulled them off i did c a LITTLE bit of yucky stuff but not a whole lot? does that mean im clean?? C?

hehe ill try it out once a week and c if theres improvements??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bored at work :P

OOOO!!! A package came i think!! but the stupid mailman didnt even ring the door bell!??! so i didnt know till after so i cant get it till tomorrow after 1300 :(!! But im soo glad its here! Sooo fast! I cant wait to get it!! :D
neways!! haha be4 i used benefit creaseless shadows and i do luv them but the color "birthday suit" just made me look really really tired! So i tried something a bit different. I added some white to it which made me look at a lot more awake :D
Heres the look:

I used:
- GA pink corrector? for my ugly spots (My super generous f Tracy gave me this! I dont know y she is soo nice to me!!!)
- Benefit creaseless eyeshadow in "birthday suit" and "skinny jeans"
- MUF eyeshadow
- Jill Stuart Loose Powder
- P&J Bambi blush
- Lancome dark mocha? eyeliner
- Covergirl lash blast luxe mascara

Basically i used "birthday suit" all over the eyes and corner of eyes, and then a little bit of MUF on top of that to brighten the color. Then i used Lancome dark mocha eyeliner to tight line the eye. Next i used a skinny jeans to line the top and bottom of my eyes. Blend it all in and finish off with mascara. Using the MUF on top of it really brightened up the dull color of "birthday suit". I like this much better than just using birthday suit and skinny jeans alone.

Thats all for now~~ hehe maybe i can show u the package of goodies i got tom :D!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hairy Legs!

Summers here!! well sorta! the other day i wore tights and it was just WAY too hot for them!! so unfortunately i have to shave now >< which totally suxs haha! I know its kinda gross but i dont shave in the winter haha it keeps me warm :P! no im jk im just lazy and theres no pt? cuz i dont wear nething but tights or jeans?!?!? that cover them! but now ill have to!? since i gotta take out the short shorts!! bummer!! Who ever said that girls need to shave!??!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Went to return the Laura Mercier flawless skin kit... the color was just wrong on me! it did give a really nice dewy look but it was just tooo dark! (well for my standards cuz of course i like to be nice and pastey white :D) neways! Got my first Lush haul 2day! I did some research at work and saw good reviews on these 3 items!
1. Coal face
2. Angels on bare skin
3. Catastrophe cosmetic
I tried Coal face 2day

Its suppose to remove impurities and tone combo skin. I acutally dont have combo skin i have pretty dry sensitive skin but ive been breaking out all over my forehead! >< so i gave it a try! I wet my hands a bit and then rub the bar into a lather and then just massaged it into my face. It gave me squeaky clean skin!... maybe a little tooo squeaky clean cuz i felt really dry so then i did a honey mask and a egg yolk mask after which made it a lot better. The results are good it felt really clean not sure if it ACTUALLY did any cleaning but it removed ALL my makeup! which barely happens (although i did use olive oil to clean my eyes be4 using it?? Ill try not doing that tomorrow?)! Neways not too bad but quite $$!! its like 6$? for 50g?? but i think u can use it for a long long time? the lady told me it only will last a week but i barely used it today? I gotta c how it goes after a week? maybe my skin will be super duper nice and dewy in a week of use :D!! hopefully!

neways! i will be away for a bit im assuming cuz i have 10 days straight of work ahead of me! >< 2 16hr shifts in these 10 days so ill prob be too pooped out too blog!! c ya laterz!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My crazy delayed weekend!!

I had to work a 16hr shift over the long weekend so i didnt getta go play till monday night! and then yesterday we spent like 3hrs at sephora! hahha I got the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit and a gift for a f. So spent sooo much :(. The Laura Mercier representative tried "nude" on me and it made my skin look all glowy and nice! So then i got it haha! Im sooo easily tricked! I was thinking if i should return it cuz it was like 80$ :( but then i saw pics of not wearing it and wearing it and it does make my face look really glowy!
W/out (actually i think Tracy is wearing it in this pic thats y her skin looks SOOO NICE!):

With (the lady at Sephora put it on in this pic):

hehe i drank a little so my face turned all red but u can still c the nice glow it gives in the pic :D
Thats all for now. Too tired to think now! bi!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Went to MOMOYAYA for sushi last nite! the actual name is momoyama? haha but my f did a little typo on msn and misspelt it as momoyaya! so now i call it momoyaya! First time going there! the sushi chef looks like an x gangsta! haha with like dyed blonde hair and all! haha
neways!! heres what we ate! :D

Then we went to chocolate bar for some desserts! :D!! I usually get the chocolate monkey (SUPER HUGE icecream sundae) there! but no one wanted to share so we had 3 cakes!!

and of course used them as props for pics!

Fun night! thats all~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Origins Clear Improvements

My lovely f Tracy gave this mask to me to try! She is soo sweet! we were just talking about it?! and then she bought it for me! luv u man!!
This mask claims to be an "active charcoal mask to clear pores"
I luv this mask! Every time i have a pimple? or i feel it forming i slap this mask on and the next day the pimple dries up and dies down! :D
I think ive used it for the past couple weeks and works really well for me! It retails for 25$ cdn for 100ml which isn't that $$ cuz u only need about 3/4 pea sizes to cover your whole face.

I did something NON purple for my eyes 2day but u cant really tell in the picture. It just looks like silver?

What i used:
- Lancome palette
1: Metallic pink "off the Rack"
2: Sheen blue "Luring"
3: Metallic dark dark navy "The new blue"
4: Matte Beige "Daylight"
- Benefit "skinny jeans" and "birthday suit"
- rest r the same as the post be4

I first put Benefits "birthday suit" all over the eye lid and brow bone. Then i used the "skinny jeans" on the eye lid and tight lined top and bottom lash line. I then used the sheen blue "luring" from Lancome on the ball of the eye. Next i used the dark dark navy to blend out the sharp lines from the eyeliner. I then used the pink "off the rack" in the corners of my eye and the brow bone. The matte beige "daylight" color i used to blend all harsh lines with the rest of the colors. No close up cuz the picture doesnt capture the blue it just looks like a silvery gray color??

This is what im wearing to go to din 2nite! I luv this! first becuz its stripes! and 2nd because its black and gray! my 2 fav colors! hahha

Thats all for now! Leaving u with the beautiful sundown!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guerlain Issima Precious Light Smoothing Illuminator

I got this at Sephora for at least 50$cdn, which is quite $$ 1.5ml >
What it claims: it hides imperfections, while lighting up and reviving your complexion. It is also formulated like a skincare product to smooth, hydrate and diminish dark areas formed by fine lines, dark circles and blemishes. the ultimate touch of radiance.

What it ACTUALLY does: hides imperfections fairly well. I was using Stila perfect concealer before and I like this much better than Stila. Its thicker than Stila and covers better. It also does illuminate the eye area, it makes it look brighter and more awake.

Verdict: Super luv it! however it is quite $$ for 1.5ml so probably wont use it every single day. But certainly worth the splurge cuz it does work! Not quite sure about the anti-aging part but the concealer part is great! :D

What i used today:
- P&J foundation
- Fresh Twilight
- Guerlain precious light enlumineur
- Dior stylish move palette
- Chanel 44 Narcisse blush
- MAC HK Tippy blush
I tried using both blushes together and it turned out pretty nice, the Narcisse made the Tippy not soooo bright pink

Heres a pic of the look hehe and my candy!! Im totally addicted to this candy! :D!!

Did my nails again, did a gold french dont super like it thou - the gold just looks like a really off off off white! So prob will change it soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shopping + Cheesecake + Din + Work

Went out to 17th yesterday cuz i wanted to go last week when it was sunny but no time :( so we went when it was rainy yesterday! :P haha first time driving all the way down there cuz i only drive to work haha or close by my house :P neways! Went for lunch at a placed called Tubby Dog! haha its like humungous hotdogs! with like chilly and cheese and bacon and all sorts of things taht will give u a heart attack! haha and ONION rings! haha those big hunking things that look like donuts r ACTUALLY onion rings! haha totally felt like i was gonna die after but totally worth it cuz it was soo yummi :D!

then we were gonna get cupcakes after but THEY WERE SOLD OUT! >
We walked about and went into this store that sells all sorts of kool silly things! Haha these r like spoons and spatulas! haha and the tongue is a hook! haha soo kool! haha i made my f take a pic of him licking it!

Also found these cute little dolls? i have no clue what theyre for but theyre cute useless dolls u put around to collect dust?!? BUT SOO CUTE! :D!

Found some gum to freshin up my breath! :D

and some mini furniture? i guess u can buy the real life size versions and have a mini baby to keep it company??

haha and a HK tiara!! haha cept it doesnt fit? its like super duper small! haha

and guess what these r??!!!

Ice cream pens and Cupcake LIPGLOSS! :D! haha
Found a SUPER DUPER OLD skool polarid cam!! dont think they make these nemore! but way koool! :D

thats it for shopping! NOW onto Green Tea Cheesecake! :D We went to the grocery store 4 times to get all the ingredients! haha cuz we kept on forgetting!! haha I told my f to write it down and hes like yah its writting in his head! useless head >
All the ingredients! :D

Graham crackers for the crust

mix mix mix! haha i was mixxing at first.. and then i got tired! haha so i handed it to my assistant! :P hahah jk!! i totally sux at cooking! he basically made the whole thing and i stood there watching while i eat my haazgen daz :P!

Add green tea powder! haha i prob woulda added the whold jar in! haha but he wouldnt let me cuz last time when we made baileys cheesecake.. i was like ADD MORE ADD MORE.. and then the cake didnt really turn out heheh :P so he didnt listen to me no more this time! haha

ALL DONE! dont have the finish pic hahha cuz it totally cracked >
haha then we made KD! haha cuz ive NEVER had KD be4!! and DID U KNOW THAT they have POT in a bag?! haha ONLY 99 cents! haha but then i think all that work to make KD and pot is too much work for instant food! Id rather just ding intant noodles! haha eat it in like 1min :D! but pretty interesting neways~ :P

K!! now onto makeup! haha i hate working early when i only slept for like 5hrs!! but got up this morning >
what i used 2day:
- benefit creaseless eyeshadow in "skinny jeans" and "birthday suit" (no pic)
- Lancome gold in this palette
- Elizabeth Arden brown
- Lancome Eyeliner
- Dior blush
- Fresh twilight
- Covergirl Lash Blast Luxe

WOAH this was a long post! haha now i acutally gotta do work at work :P! laterz~