Sunday, May 24, 2009


Went to return the Laura Mercier flawless skin kit... the color was just wrong on me! it did give a really nice dewy look but it was just tooo dark! (well for my standards cuz of course i like to be nice and pastey white :D) neways! Got my first Lush haul 2day! I did some research at work and saw good reviews on these 3 items!
1. Coal face
2. Angels on bare skin
3. Catastrophe cosmetic
I tried Coal face 2day

Its suppose to remove impurities and tone combo skin. I acutally dont have combo skin i have pretty dry sensitive skin but ive been breaking out all over my forehead! >< so i gave it a try! I wet my hands a bit and then rub the bar into a lather and then just massaged it into my face. It gave me squeaky clean skin!... maybe a little tooo squeaky clean cuz i felt really dry so then i did a honey mask and a egg yolk mask after which made it a lot better. The results are good it felt really clean not sure if it ACTUALLY did any cleaning but it removed ALL my makeup! which barely happens (although i did use olive oil to clean my eyes be4 using it?? Ill try not doing that tomorrow?)! Neways not too bad but quite $$!! its like 6$? for 50g?? but i think u can use it for a long long time? the lady told me it only will last a week but i barely used it today? I gotta c how it goes after a week? maybe my skin will be super duper nice and dewy in a week of use :D!! hopefully!

neways! i will be away for a bit im assuming cuz i have 10 days straight of work ahead of me! >< 2 16hr shifts in these 10 days so ill prob be too pooped out too blog!! c ya laterz!!


  1. whoo lush! everything smells so good in that store!

  2. i love lush, but they are so expensive! can't wait to hear about the rest of your experience with the soap.

  3. i've tried the coalface bar and really liked it..until it didn't clean my face as well anymore..even tho i used cleansing oil. only a week? haha i don't think is she washing her face??? lol

  4. lush products sound great but their shelf-life are crap :(

  5. oh yah! I know!! I hate how their masks have only what? 3 weeks shelf life? AND u have to keep it in the fridge! ><
    but so far the coal face is working pretty well!

  6. Glad that you return that Laura Mercier kit, it's so expensive. I also feel Lush Coal soap made my face squicky clean and dry(i have oily-combination skin). That Angel's soap is my new HG cleanser, think it works better than the other green soap.