Thursday, May 14, 2009


Went to MOMOYAYA for sushi last nite! the actual name is momoyama? haha but my f did a little typo on msn and misspelt it as momoyaya! so now i call it momoyaya! First time going there! the sushi chef looks like an x gangsta! haha with like dyed blonde hair and all! haha
neways!! heres what we ate! :D

Then we went to chocolate bar for some desserts! :D!! I usually get the chocolate monkey (SUPER HUGE icecream sundae) there! but no one wanted to share so we had 3 cakes!!

and of course used them as props for pics!

Fun night! thats all~


  1. man I really wanted to try the water sleeping pack! everyone's been raving about it and telling me to try it, hahaha. I'm buying that AS SOON as I am off my no buy ban! hahaha :)

  2. thanks for the visit and comment
    ur pics are really cute and antique finish, love it

    i bought the masks in korea but u can find them on ^^ hope that helps

  3. Yum yum! I heart green tea cake and the sashimi looks awesome!

    Yeah...bummer about my phone. But I'm pretty much over it. The Queen Helene's mask sells for USD3! You can buy it online.

  4. Wow everything looks delicious!!! I am craving cake now.

  5. wow food galore! looks really yummy! xD