Thursday, May 28, 2009

My package full of rocks!!! :D

Haha jkjk!! thats what i was told thou! that the package was gonna be full of rocks!! but it was filled with goodies + candy!!!! :D
I got loads of skinfoods stuff :D I am soo excited I cant wait for tomorrow to try it all out :D!!

Cept the only thing not in the package was the es i really wanted :( oh well maybe in the next package of rocks :D!
Neways heres a review on the nose strips ive been trying

They smell like peaches :D! Ive been getting lots of blackheads recently?? well.. like last half yr?? so i thought i would try these to c if theyd help!? I dont really know if they help much thou? but ive only used it once :P When i pulled them off i did c a LITTLE bit of yucky stuff but not a whole lot? does that mean im clean?? C?

hehe ill try it out once a week and c if theres improvements??


  1. aww the biore package looks cute ^^. I never used those strips before, i hear they make your pores bigger?

  2. Oh, really cute goodies you got! ;)

    Well, I admit I'm kind of a perfectionist - I hate messiness around me, hehe... :p

  3. OoOo goodies!

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  4. yeah everybody says soemthing different ! what can us girls do =(

    oh the fluffy is like an undercoat of mascara, it doesnt make the lashes grow but it makes them appear much longer with mascara on, its white fluff.. sticks to the mascara, and then you put another layer on top..

  5. oh, great skinfood. great!
    hehe, now I'm your followers.whee~~
    oh, the apple and yolk mask is really moisture, it didn't whiten too much, but it is brightening.

  6. Pore packs never seems to help for me, probably cause I have super stubborn blackheads.

    The etude mask is pretty good! I tried it last night and my sister says I look fairer, I think the face looks brighter and skintone is more even. The face is still bright the next morning although it stings for awhile when applied. :)

  7. try the biore ultra ones those work better they take off more crap

  8. Really? Ive been trying all these stupid blackhead sticker thingys and nothing comes out? seems like they dont work on me nemore?