Thursday, May 7, 2009

Early mama day!

Went out for lunch with my mama cuz i gotta work everday! we went for sushi cuz she was super craving it nothing too special. It was raining 2day so i wore a turtle neck!?!? haha Its like May and im still wearing turtle necks and my fav leather jacket!

I tried the Fresh twilight highlighter thing 2day... not super impressed? didnt do TOO much for me? I dont really c the glow/dew im looking for... I might return it >< or should i just keep it haha :P
On the rest of my face i used:

- MAC silver dust as eyeshadow base
- Benefit creaseless eyeshadow in skinny jeans
- Lancome palette
- MUF diamond shadow in the corners of my eyes
- MUF eyeliner
- Covergirl lash blast luxe in platinum
- Fiberwig
- P&J bambi blush
- Etude house BB cream

Dont super like these contacts? they always move in my eye? but then i dont feel them, u can just c it in pics?

Argh now i gotta go to work!! bi!!


  1. Cute jacket! and that sushi looks yummy.

    I used a color called VIP by orly (chunky pink glitter). I had also layered another coat of the sheer pink color but only from the middle of the nail to tip-so it has a gradation effect.

  2. cute outfit!! Those pieces of sashimi are looking sooo yum.

  3. Thx! haha i luv my jacket too! :P!