Thursday, May 7, 2009


So i got the dior 970 stylish move palette last week or something but then over the weekend i saw this Chanel palette (im not sure if this pic is the one i actually saw but something like that)! Its also purple and sooo pretty! Should i return the dior one (if i can find the stupid receipt!) and get the Chanel one... OR just keep the dior one and get the Chanel one too! haha


  1. the dior because you get 5 colours and they look more versatile!!

  2. both nice and quite different, i'd say get both if u can. :D if there must be a choice, i like the dior palette more. ;D

  3. really? haha but the chanel is soo pretty that pic really doesnt justify! haha I cant find the receipt >< and i wanted to return the fresh twilight thing too? i wonder if i can @ Sephora w/out one?
    I might get both haha :P

  4. hmm I think you should keep the Dior!! You get 5 colors with Dior, and I think Dior shadows are better quality than the Chanel. :)

  5. hello! thanks for visiting my blog :D yay! another lovely makeup related blog! haha. i need all the help i can get.
    hm not really sure what you meant by drawing the background on my blog. i made the header if that's what you mean. took ages cos i had to keep resizing the pictures. but i just sourced all the pictures from another site....most likely it was foto decadent. hehe.

    anyway, i like the dior one better. but chanel does look tempting :P stick with dior and perhaps later on you can just splurge and get chanel too! :D haha.

  6. dior is so temptinh. haha <3
    thanks a lot for following my blog <3