Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My crazy delayed weekend!!

I had to work a 16hr shift over the long weekend so i didnt getta go play till monday night! and then yesterday we spent like 3hrs at sephora! hahha I got the Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit and a gift for a f. So spent sooo much :(. The Laura Mercier representative tried "nude" on me and it made my skin look all glowy and nice! So then i got it haha! Im sooo easily tricked! I was thinking if i should return it cuz it was like 80$ :( but then i saw pics of not wearing it and wearing it and it does make my face look really glowy!
W/out (actually i think Tracy is wearing it in this pic thats y her skin looks SOOO NICE!):

With (the lady at Sephora put it on in this pic):

hehe i drank a little so my face turned all red but u can still c the nice glow it gives in the pic :D
Thats all for now. Too tired to think now! bi!


  1. Don't return it! It does make you skin looks glowy.

  2. i don't think your face looks that red hehe.