Saturday, May 9, 2009

hehe I picked the right choice!

Thx you guys for helping me choose! I picked the dior "stylish move" 970 palette! haha Ill prob get the Chanel one later too! I used it yesterday and its sooo pretty :D! I tried the Fresh thing again maybe im not using it right? I dont c a difference? I forgot waht base makeup i used. But heres what i used for the rest of my face:

- Chanel Joules Contraste 44 Narcisse
- Fresh Twilight
- Dior Stylish Move 970
- MUF eyeliner - top and bottom
- Fiberwig
- Covergirl Lash Blast Luxe?

I used colors 1,2,3. I used 1 all over the eye - its a very pretty sheer light pink color. Then i used 2 on the lid of my eye and 3 smudged on the top and bottom lashes.

Also did my nails, i tried that graduation effect... mmm didnt super work thou doesnt look as good as Jenns


  1. so pretty!! I love this look on you,and your lashes are soo curly how did you do it?? :D

  2. you look so pretty. the purples look nice on you. yay to fiberwig masacara! it's my hg XD

  3. love this purple look, the colours are so pretty, awesome application!

  4. Very pretty look! Good choice on the palette.

    You did an great job on the nails!
    I had gotten the orly from a local beauty shop, but I did find a link for an online shop for you:

    Hope that helps!