Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shopping + Cheesecake + Din + Work

Went out to 17th yesterday cuz i wanted to go last week when it was sunny but no time :( so we went when it was rainy yesterday! :P haha first time driving all the way down there cuz i only drive to work haha or close by my house :P neways! Went for lunch at a placed called Tubby Dog! haha its like humungous hotdogs! with like chilly and cheese and bacon and all sorts of things taht will give u a heart attack! haha and ONION rings! haha those big hunking things that look like donuts r ACTUALLY onion rings! haha totally felt like i was gonna die after but totally worth it cuz it was soo yummi :D!

then we were gonna get cupcakes after but THEY WERE SOLD OUT! >
We walked about and went into this store that sells all sorts of kool silly things! Haha these r like spoons and spatulas! haha and the tongue is a hook! haha soo kool! haha i made my f take a pic of him licking it!

Also found these cute little dolls? i have no clue what theyre for but theyre cute useless dolls u put around to collect dust?!? BUT SOO CUTE! :D!

Found some gum to freshin up my breath! :D

and some mini furniture? i guess u can buy the real life size versions and have a mini baby to keep it company??

haha and a HK tiara!! haha cept it doesnt fit? its like super duper small! haha

and guess what these r??!!!

Ice cream pens and Cupcake LIPGLOSS! :D! haha
Found a SUPER DUPER OLD skool polarid cam!! dont think they make these nemore! but way koool! :D

thats it for shopping! NOW onto Green Tea Cheesecake! :D We went to the grocery store 4 times to get all the ingredients! haha cuz we kept on forgetting!! haha I told my f to write it down and hes like yah its writting in his head! useless head >
All the ingredients! :D

Graham crackers for the crust

mix mix mix! haha i was mixxing at first.. and then i got tired! haha so i handed it to my assistant! :P hahah jk!! i totally sux at cooking! he basically made the whole thing and i stood there watching while i eat my haazgen daz :P!

Add green tea powder! haha i prob woulda added the whold jar in! haha but he wouldnt let me cuz last time when we made baileys cheesecake.. i was like ADD MORE ADD MORE.. and then the cake didnt really turn out heheh :P so he didnt listen to me no more this time! haha

ALL DONE! dont have the finish pic hahha cuz it totally cracked >
haha then we made KD! haha cuz ive NEVER had KD be4!! and DID U KNOW THAT they have POT in a bag?! haha ONLY 99 cents! haha but then i think all that work to make KD and pot is too much work for instant food! Id rather just ding intant noodles! haha eat it in like 1min :D! but pretty interesting neways~ :P

K!! now onto makeup! haha i hate working early when i only slept for like 5hrs!! but got up this morning >
what i used 2day:
- benefit creaseless eyeshadow in "skinny jeans" and "birthday suit" (no pic)
- Lancome gold in this palette
- Elizabeth Arden brown
- Lancome Eyeliner
- Dior blush
- Fresh twilight
- Covergirl Lash Blast Luxe

WOAH this was a long post! haha now i acutally gotta do work at work :P! laterz~


  1. green tea!!!!! mmmmm it looks delicious! i love stores that sell wacky things! the boyfriend hates it when i buy things like that cuz i have no use for them, but they crack me up and that's all that matters.

  2. YUM! You always have the best food pics haha. Cute little trinkets! I love looking at those things hehe.

  3. green tea cheesecake sounds so yummy!
    haha the spatula/spoon things are so funny.

  4. hi!! we have the same blog skin!! =D
    i mean the same base. :p
    just dropping by to say hi :)

  5. KRAFT DINNER! YUMMY! Totally addicted to this eheh!

    Oh & I want this cupcake lipgloss so bad! Did you buy it?