Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Even at 90, men are still perverts!

OMG! today at work i found out this 90 year old man was playing with his thingy!?? like uh? arnt u suppose to be over that stage by now?! and apparently he watches porn and has condoms in his room!? this guy can barely walk! but hes thinking of sex!??! haish men will always be ham ham sup sup!

Had nothing to do last nite so i decided to do my nails. Nothing special just added a 3D bow on my finger. I still havent mastered 3D nail art yet its soo much harder than it looks!

ARGH! i hate doors! i like squished my finger in a door 2day >< soo hurt :(! now i have like i big huge dry red mark on my finger now...

Changed my eye makeup a bit - same purple as be4 but put the lancome pink shadow as the base and in the corners of my eye.


  1. Ew to dirty old men!

    I put on a sheer pink color and then layered a bunch of glitter polishes that I had (chunky glitter and fine glitter) and tried to concentrate them at the tip.

    Your lashes look amazing!

  2. oh and the flower is just a sticker.

  3. hahaha wtf 90 year old?! I didn't think he'd had it in him...
    anyway, love your nail art! I think it's really good, super cute!

  4. as gross as that sounds...i'm sure his wife is happy with him hahaha.
    i like the bow on your nails! i've tried 3D stickers on my nails, but they fall off so quickly