Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Fab Weekend!

My f brought me out to get donairs!! Super messy and super yummi!! :D! It wasnt super warm but we sat outside neways and enjoyed our yummi donair! and the boss (Jimmy??) was hilarious too! haha he had perfectly waxed eyebrows! and was like free entertainment! He was super nice and gave us free dessert too! haha I forgot what they are thou.. the first one looks like a streak of poo! hahha and the 2nd one is pistachios!!

haha neways that was my friday! Saturday some gfs and i went clubbing! Super fun!!cept i was sooo rushed i forgot to take a pic of my makeup! :P I used benefits skinny jeans and birthday suit which i think lasted all night! HAHA heres me making a funny face with my f Don! though my makeup is prob half gone haha cuz i think i wiped most of it on his shirt?? :P

2day I went to work living on 4hrs of sleep... honestly didnt look THAT bad! haha thx god for MU!! Been using the Lancome plum color basically all week! haha too lazy to think of nething new yet! and plus my skin isnt soo great now so no mood to do nething? its really really dry >

OO! and look what i found 2day!! it looks like ice cream!!! :D!! but i didnt get it... cuz it just looks really sweeet! but soo cute!


  1. YUMMM love the food pics :P You are so cute!! I want to try that sorbetto now...haha

  2. wow 4 hrs of sleep! you still looked good :)

  3. the sorbetto looks cute
    the food looks yummy =D