Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bored at work :P

OOOO!!! A package came i think!! but the stupid mailman didnt even ring the door bell!??! so i didnt know till after so i cant get it till tomorrow after 1300 :(!! But im soo glad its here! Sooo fast! I cant wait to get it!! :D
neways!! haha be4 i used benefit creaseless shadows and i do luv them but the color "birthday suit" just made me look really really tired! So i tried something a bit different. I added some white to it which made me look at a lot more awake :D
Heres the look:

I used:
- GA pink corrector? for my ugly spots (My super generous f Tracy gave me this! I dont know y she is soo nice to me!!!)
- Benefit creaseless eyeshadow in "birthday suit" and "skinny jeans"
- MUF eyeshadow
- Jill Stuart Loose Powder
- P&J Bambi blush
- Lancome dark mocha? eyeliner
- Covergirl lash blast luxe mascara

Basically i used "birthday suit" all over the eyes and corner of eyes, and then a little bit of MUF on top of that to brighten the color. Then i used Lancome dark mocha eyeliner to tight line the eye. Next i used a skinny jeans to line the top and bottom of my eyes. Blend it all in and finish off with mascara. Using the MUF on top of it really brightened up the dull color of "birthday suit". I like this much better than just using birthday suit and skinny jeans alone.

Thats all for now~~ hehe maybe i can show u the package of goodies i got tom :D!!


  1. yeah u can pretty much use it arm just gets tired cuz u gotta move it in a circular motion to rub the hairs off...but it works! just

  2. I love the eye look :)

    Yeah I wish she'd write more too!!! I'm constantly on the prowl for more authors like her. I like Meg Cabot books. Have you read those? They're really good too!!

  3. hey there! u can get those pots here
    but i dont think they ship overseas

  4. i hate when the mailman comes and doesn't even ring the doorbell! i was sitting in my living room and i could hear the storm door open and a paper being hung on the door handle...wth!! can't wait to see what you got!

  5. hmm.. it sucks when eyeshadow makes you look tired or eye infected, glad you discover a way to make it look nicer. I purchased that dress from a shop where they sell cheap or discounted clothes,it's a no name brand, too bad i cut off the brand tag,can't tell what brand it is.

  6. Hi~ thank you for stopping by and leaving me comment!! Im following now! you have beautiful eye! love your eye brows~ nice shape! I cant wait to see you wear mocha as well ^__^

  7. I LOVE your eyes! So cute and so pretty full lashes!

  8. Your lashes look so thick and volumized!I love the eye makeup.