Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Origins Clear Improvements

My lovely f Tracy gave this mask to me to try! She is soo sweet! we were just talking about it?! and then she bought it for me! luv u man!!
This mask claims to be an "active charcoal mask to clear pores"
I luv this mask! Every time i have a pimple? or i feel it forming i slap this mask on and the next day the pimple dries up and dies down! :D
I think ive used it for the past couple weeks and works really well for me! It retails for 25$ cdn for 100ml which isn't that $$ cuz u only need about 3/4 pea sizes to cover your whole face.

I did something NON purple for my eyes 2day but u cant really tell in the picture. It just looks like silver?

What i used:
- Lancome palette
1: Metallic pink "off the Rack"
2: Sheen blue "Luring"
3: Metallic dark dark navy "The new blue"
4: Matte Beige "Daylight"
- Benefit "skinny jeans" and "birthday suit"
- rest r the same as the post be4

I first put Benefits "birthday suit" all over the eye lid and brow bone. Then i used the "skinny jeans" on the eye lid and tight lined top and bottom lash line. I then used the sheen blue "luring" from Lancome on the ball of the eye. Next i used the dark dark navy to blend out the sharp lines from the eyeliner. I then used the pink "off the rack" in the corners of my eye and the brow bone. The matte beige "daylight" color i used to blend all harsh lines with the rest of the colors. No close up cuz the picture doesnt capture the blue it just looks like a silvery gray color??

This is what im wearing to go to din 2nite! I luv this! first becuz its stripes! and 2nd because its black and gray! my 2 fav colors! hahha

Thats all for now! Leaving u with the beautiful sundown!


  1. I bought the origin coal mask about 1 month ago but I returned it. I was expecting it to clear my pores, but it didn't. Interestingly enough, I didn't know it could dry out breakouts, haha, same product on different person could have different results. I like your stripe top, I have many stripe clothes too!

  2. the mask sounds great :) silver looks good on you... i love grey and black too!

  3. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Love your lashes. By the way, have you tried Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask? Apparently, it's great for pimples as well.

  4. ooo I wanna try that mask!! Love the silver look on you, it makes you look very bright-eyed!

  5. ooo I have that mask, haven't tried it. I should dig it out and use it!
    Love that look on you!