Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guerlain Issima Precious Light Smoothing Illuminator

I got this at Sephora for at least 50$cdn, which is quite $$ 1.5ml >
What it claims: it hides imperfections, while lighting up and reviving your complexion. It is also formulated like a skincare product to smooth, hydrate and diminish dark areas formed by fine lines, dark circles and blemishes. the ultimate touch of radiance.

What it ACTUALLY does: hides imperfections fairly well. I was using Stila perfect concealer before and I like this much better than Stila. Its thicker than Stila and covers better. It also does illuminate the eye area, it makes it look brighter and more awake.

Verdict: Super luv it! however it is quite $$ for 1.5ml so probably wont use it every single day. But certainly worth the splurge cuz it does work! Not quite sure about the anti-aging part but the concealer part is great! :D

What i used today:
- P&J foundation
- Fresh Twilight
- Guerlain precious light enlumineur
- Dior stylish move palette
- Chanel 44 Narcisse blush
- MAC HK Tippy blush
I tried using both blushes together and it turned out pretty nice, the Narcisse made the Tippy not soooo bright pink

Heres a pic of the look hehe and my candy!! Im totally addicted to this candy! :D!!

Did my nails again, did a gold french dont super like it thou - the gold just looks like a really off off off white! So prob will change it soon!


  1. hat purple palette looks great on you!! im so tempted! xD ive heard many good things about gerlain! ;) though i bet it's cheaper in Europe..

  2. haha ive been using it almost everyday since i decided to keep it! I luv it! u should get it tooo!! its sooo pretty! :D!
    oh really? im not sure if it is but its quite $$ in Canada >< but im glad i didnt pay like 50$ and it didnt work!

  3. Thank you for the review, wow..it's really an expensive concealer, I heard lot of good things about it. I want to get BeautyMaker concealer, heard it works really well and not too expensive. You seem to really like purple, I saw you sporting the purple eye looks quite often, I think you look really pretty with purple!!

  4. you look great, you're so good with make up! i'm horrible at it :p
    hehe nice nails!

  5. Sorry for the late reply, I gotten my nail done at a home based salon in Singapore.
    the webby is http://cynfulnails.blogspot.com/

    The Guerlain concealer looks good, it is better for undereyes or spots?

  6. Purple eyes look great on you! I am totally lemming that Dior palette now...hehe. The Guerlain Issima thing comes in suuch pretty packaging with a pouch! Reminds me of YSL Touche Eclat.