Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wet n Wild Cream Eyeliner

I got this a couple months ago because I wanted to try gel liner but didnt wanna whip out like 20 some $ for it. So I went to my local walmart to find this for like 7$! I Got black and eggplant. Both liners come with a brush.
The angle brush is not bad considering it was free. I use it when with the eggplant liner as Im too lazy to wash off my Mac one.

The black liner is pretty good for 7$! It stays on the whole day, I can use it to tight line, doesnt smudge, its smooth and it very black! an best of all it it was pretty cheap!
Rebuy: YES!!


The eggplant liner is a dark purple. I dont think its that great and not worth 7$... i would prob buy it if it was 1?! :P The color isnt NOT pigmented, I need to go over it again and again to make the color sorta show. It doesnt work on my inner water line, while the black one does.
Rebuy: NO! NO NO!

So to conclude! I would only recommend the black one!


Ive been soo busy since I got back from my trip i havent been able to update! So heres a little update of whats been happening!

My birthday was last month and my lovely fs bombed me with gifts (mainly makeup)! which i luv! haha

Went for some Oysters, fried coconut shrimp, and calimari :D

Did some shopping

My new Coach shoes!! :D

Found this super cute cardigan at Club Monaco and this tank filled with diamonds from jacob :D! All on sale! This is the best time to go shopping!! Cheaper than boxing day!

Did my bling bling nails too!

Recently, Ive been addicted to bling bling! Nething that blings I will look at!! haha I wanna bling everything in my house! Even my mom!!! haha

Cheers :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pics from xmas holiday

I went to a couple places this xmas holiday... so i was deprived from Internet for like 2.5 weeks!!! It was not a pleasant experience!! But other than that I had a pretty good time!
First stop: San Francisco

I stocked up on some skin care cuz some of the stuff Stupid Canada does not sell... or Canada sells for 2x the price!

2nd Stop: HK
There were like 100 miffys there i think! All donations for something I cant rem... :P


Happy New Year!

The Mira Hotel Xmas Display

Mira Hotel cake shop

3rd stop: Tokyo!!!

Guess where this is??
View from hotel


Hello Kitty! (im actually surprised there wasnt as many as i imagined)

More pastries

ACK! I luv the pharmacies in JAP!!! They have like everything!!! Jap ppl r sooo pretty! and polite and cute! i sooo need to go back!!
Thats enough of me photowhoring!! I cant wait till my next break/vac! :D

ACK! :D!!!

ME super excited!! :D!!
I had prob 4hr of sleep last nite... so I could barely stay awake at work! BUT! I didnt nap 2day after work so i could bling up my phone!! Its soooooo purdy!! Me ♥ it!! :D!!
It took me about 2.5 hours to finish the whole thing... but i wasnt all that organized so i think if i was a bit more organized prob wouldnt take as long! And it was my first time so prob next time i will be more efficiant!

Isnt it super bling! :D!! When i can get someone to hook me up with more bling im gonna get them to bring some over!! So i can make more and bling up everything possible in my house! :D! haha