Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pics from xmas holiday

I went to a couple places this xmas holiday... so i was deprived from Internet for like 2.5 weeks!!! It was not a pleasant experience!! But other than that I had a pretty good time!
First stop: San Francisco

I stocked up on some skin care cuz some of the stuff Stupid Canada does not sell... or Canada sells for 2x the price!

2nd Stop: HK
There were like 100 miffys there i think! All donations for something I cant rem... :P


Happy New Year!

The Mira Hotel Xmas Display

Mira Hotel cake shop

3rd stop: Tokyo!!!

Guess where this is??
View from hotel


Hello Kitty! (im actually surprised there wasnt as many as i imagined)

More pastries

ACK! I luv the pharmacies in JAP!!! They have like everything!!! Jap ppl r sooo pretty! and polite and cute! i sooo need to go back!!
Thats enough of me photowhoring!! I cant wait till my next break/vac! :D


  1. Wow, you went to so many awesome places! Lucky girl =D Oh and I love your blinged out phone.

  2. Wow sounds like you had a great time going all over the world! So many yummy foods. :)

  3. I LUV LUV your post too!!
    you have been busy travelling half of the globe!

    you got a good spot catching IFC fireworks 2010!! i was at HK island grand hyatt ..so i saw IFC side lol
    tokyo metropolitan~~ show me show me more!
    am playing sega's bayonetta on xbox game~~ sexy witch kicking angel's butt~~ sega has made a comebek!

    beautiful pastries...my heart is melting..slurrp

    i adore your fashion-sense!punk rock chic~~

    so when are you gonna show me you dazzling moon Jill Stuart EOTD!! cant wait~~ cuz you are good with smokeh vixen eyes~~
    never skip the eye primer/balm to hold the colors & texture

  4. nice pics ^^ omg i love sashimi ><

    loving yur phone aswell xD