Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wet n Wild Cream Eyeliner

I got this a couple months ago because I wanted to try gel liner but didnt wanna whip out like 20 some $ for it. So I went to my local walmart to find this for like 7$! I Got black and eggplant. Both liners come with a brush.
The angle brush is not bad considering it was free. I use it when with the eggplant liner as Im too lazy to wash off my Mac one.

The black liner is pretty good for 7$! It stays on the whole day, I can use it to tight line, doesnt smudge, its smooth and it very black! an best of all it it was pretty cheap!
Rebuy: YES!!


The eggplant liner is a dark purple. I dont think its that great and not worth 7$... i would prob buy it if it was 1?! :P The color isnt NOT pigmented, I need to go over it again and again to make the color sorta show. It doesnt work on my inner water line, while the black one does.
Rebuy: NO! NO NO!

So to conclude! I would only recommend the black one!

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