Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ACK! :D!!!

ME super excited!! :D!!
I had prob 4hr of sleep last nite... so I could barely stay awake at work! BUT! I didnt nap 2day after work so i could bling up my phone!! Its soooooo purdy!! Me ♥ it!! :D!!
It took me about 2.5 hours to finish the whole thing... but i wasnt all that organized so i think if i was a bit more organized prob wouldnt take as long! And it was my first time so prob next time i will be more efficiant!

Isnt it super bling! :D!! When i can get someone to hook me up with more bling im gonna get them to bring some over!! So i can make more and bling up everything possible in my house! :D! haha


  1. What fun pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  2. swweeeeeet purrdy looking phone!!
    licking my lips as i'm looking at all the sweet tarts all over your phone *giggle

    i wanted to bling up my phone too!!
    afterall its a candy bar~~
    but i hav zero creativity lol when it comes to handiwork

  3. Hi Sormui!
    Your phone looks so FAB! I've been meaning to help my sister bling hers out and i have one question! *Where did you get the little toyish pieces and pearls??* Thanks in advance babe and keep up with the blog- im lovin it. need to add you to my list that i stalk on my blogga ha!!

  4. Thx! The pearls are actually old beads that i chopped in half.
    The little plastic toys are from a store in hong kong called Kiwi its in Sham Shui Po.