Monday, June 8, 2009


Ive been trying out Lush recently so far i have tried coal face cleanser (review in previous entries), angels on bare skin cleanser, catastrophe cosmetic mask, and breath of fresh air toner.
Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser:

What is claims to:
"Delicately cleanses and exfoliates for softer skin. Ground almonds gently exfoliate, rose absolute tones and lavender oil soothes. The result: angelic skin!"
What i think:
First of all the smell is really really strong of lavender. I am not a fan of such strong smelling products but if it works i dont mind. However i dont really super duper like it? I dont think its worth it for the price. It does make my skin softer, but a aspirin + honey mask does the same without the horrible smell. Thus i will NOT be buying it again.

Catastrophe cosmetic mask
What it claims:
"Blueberries rich in antioxidants and full of vitamins and minerals reduce inflammation and have an antiseptic effect."
The SA told me that it was good for pimples thats y i got it.
What i think:
First of all, the smell was horrible! I don't know what it was but I dont like it. It didnt smell like blueberries at all! I slapped a big spoon full onto my face and left it on for about 15 minutes. Second, I didn't like how it dried soo fast that i couldn't even spread it out over my face and it was all dry. After 15 minutes, i washed it off and i didnt see any difference. My pimples didnt die, my skin didnt feel softer? it didnt get that glow from my usual masks or nething. Thus NOT repurchasing.

Breath of Fresh Air Toner:

What it claims:
Revitalizing facial toner for skin of any age
"Re-hydrates dry skin with soothing, nutritious, rejuvenating ingredients like real sea water, natural spring water, aloe vera gel, patchouli oil, rosemary oil and seaweed absolute. A spritz after cleansing softens and balances, while a spritz any other time of day refreshes and renews."
What i think:
Honestly i have never used toner before until my f told me that was very bad bad bad!! cuz ive never known what toner is used for? but i got it cuz im suppose to? but neways the toner doesnt have a horrible smell like the other ones its more bearable. After cleansing, i spritz 3 spritz on my face. It does feel a lot moisturized after the toner and then i put my serums, eye creams and moisturizers on after. I have nothing to compare this toner to, and i have no clue if i will repurchase? Prob not because i wanna try other toners to see if they are better :P!

E.L.F. Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo
My f gave me this cuz she doesnt use scara. Its in brown. The packaging looks super duper cheap! and i normally dont use brown but to my surprised it acutally works pretty well! For 1$ US this works good no smudges, no flakes and no clumps and sorta gives volume and length! I only tried the regular side so far but so far so good! not bad for the price! I will post pictures of it later :P too lazy been working waaaaaaay too much recently!


  1. hmm, angels bare skin cleanser is nice! too bad, the elf mascara doesn't really work well for me and end up it stay into the forever dustbin.

  2. that honey and aspirin mask is so good? i gotta try it to save myself a few bucks..

  3. The honey and aspirin mask is amazing! U need to try it!