Monday, June 8, 2009

My white weekend!

Finally i got friday off after 10 days of working straight!! Omg i think i am crazy for taking on soo many 16 hr shifts! I thought i was gonna die! hahha but friday was interesting... couldnt say it was super duper fun but it was a break from work. It was my fs bday i got her the laura mercier limited edition palette with 2 blushes, 3 shadows and 3 lippies. The packaging is soo pretty! Its pink! :D and u can use the blush was shadows too.

Also, i found super yummi kitkat! well acutally i didnt find it, it was mailed to me! It was sooo yummi!! its like oreos in kitkat! and it wasnt sweet it was awesome! :D The maltesers r okay super cappuccino :P!

Went out for dinner at super $$ restaurant. ive tried it be4 and wasnt super duper good but then my f wanted to try it :( oh well.

:D!!! We also went for desserts at nectar desserts!!! SOOOO GOOOD!!
We had 5 tartes: blackberry with mousse, raspberry with lemon mousse, and 3 others i dont remember the names off haha :P

We also went clubbing cuz it was another fs bday haha i KNEW we would have to drag him home! and we did! he puked all over the place it was disgusting!! haha so i hosed him down! haha

AND haha this guys shirt lit up! it was sooo kool! ahhaa i didnt know him but i took a pic with him cuz of his kool shirt! :P

AND FINALLY! IT snowed over the weekend!!!!! OMG! Its like june and i had to take my boots out and wear them! >


  1. awww, u have really nice friends :) and laura mercier palette is soo gorgeous!

  2. I want the love and florescent shirt. haha <3

  3. I have the same palette and reallly love it!!

    Thanks for the food porn!!

  4. yikes, those are some lonnng hours you are working!! Glad you get to take a day off to relax :)
    The food looks yum!

  5. omg those kitkats are SO good!!!
    pretty LM palette

  6. that palette is fab! what a great friend you are!

  7. All of the food looks so yummmy! :)

  8. ahh the desserts look so good and I love the artwork! the laura mercier stuff looks great, such a good purchase :)

  9. Oh, that Luara Mercier palette looks so pretty!
    The foods and desserts look so yummy! :p