Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Natural Minerals

My lovely f got this for me cuz it was on sale for like 4$ or 6$ or something... basically it was cheap so she got it! She got me this in transparent or something...
The packaging is.... well its drug store... and at first i was like mmm?? do i need another pressed powder?! cuz i dont use powder that often neways cuz im sooo drrry!? but neways i tried it on and its really good for 4$! When im lazy even too lazy to put tinted moisturizer on i just use a big brush and swirl it all over my face and it evens out complexion! then put some concealer to conceal circles and wahtever spots then blush and im set to go!! I even get a healthy glow effect! Great buy for 4$! :D


  1. ooh i have this too and i really like it just for touch ups on a hot day :]

  2. Oooo does it look cakey?

  3. nope! no caking at all! when i work for 16 hrs i start to c shine probably after 6/7hrs??? but i find thats pretty good la!