Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sausage party!!

haha! had another sausage party! We went to eat sushi AGAIN!
While we were waiting i found this super cut drawing in the paper! Its sooo cute!!

neways onto the food!

We had Katsu Don

Tempura Udon!

Hehe u grind ur own sesame! cept i got tired and only did it half way :P!

and lots of rolls :D

We then wanted to go watch transformers!!

haha cept it wasnt out yet! ><" so we went to watch Hangover!! made me super miss LV!! Neways I wore a very light springy taupey bronzey look to match my dress! :D which i super duper luv cuz its like colorful leopard print!!

Thats it for now!


  1. Great Food Porn! Cute outfit and makeup!

  2. i'm so behind! i haven't seen any new movies! the latest one i saw was bolt in theatres haha.
    mmm...sushi..is that roast sesame? I heart!

  3. Grinding your own sesame? Wow, would love to try that!

    P.S Love the food porn