Monday, April 27, 2009

Sephora + Mac Haul :D

Went for sushi today cuz I was sooo bummed i didnt getta try shibuya in LV ><><... only way to make myself feel better is that it was 130$ per person to eat! so i guess i saved? but i had traditional but still yummi sushi 2day with sake, beef tataki, beef tongue and grilled fish :D
I went shopping be4 sushi and made quite a big purchase >< So lets begin with the bling bling HK powder! I have been eyeing it ever since it came out! it is sooo pretty!! but was just too $$! but :D i got it as a gift hehe so neways! its sooo pretty! I got the lighest color - light medium i think its called. The texture is not too bad but the mirror doesnt seem to be like a real mirror? Its not that clear and its quite small...however, i think i honestly just bought it for the crystals and hk hahaha!
Next up is the dior palette which i thought was really pretty... but kinda pricey... well depends how u look at it. It was i think $56? for 5 colors. i have had a purple/plummy fetish for a while maybe because plums look soo great on azns?? any azn? I got the palette 970 "Stylish Move". I did swatches of 609 "Earth Reflection", 809 "Petal Shine" and 970 "Stylish Move" (left to right). I was torn between 809 and 970, but finally picked 970 better because it had a really nice dark plum color for lining and smokey eyes rather then just ALL light colors.

and yes i do have manly hands ><
The colors are lighter in the picture due to flash
K enough for now Ill review them when i try them over the weekend or something :P. Still gotta try the P&J foundation... i forgot to do that 2day :P. Going to nap... gotta wake up at 5am tom morning ><


  1. thx! super excited to try it :D!! have any of you guys tried the fresh glow thing?

  2. i love dior eyeshadow and thanks for following my blog =]