Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nyx Haul from Cherry Culture

The postman came while i was napping :D! So super happy to find my package arrive when i woke up! Everything was packaged very nicely. It came in a box and all the makeup was in bubble wrap bags.

Most of the stuff is my fs so i cant swatch it. I got 4 NYX pearl mania pigments in all neutral colors and the NYX cream blush in Glow.

All the other pigments look gorgeous and the lipglosses look really pretty too! OH and the LA mineral blush looks really pretty as well!! I cant wait till she tries them!

From left to right: Pearl mania pigments in pearl, nude mink, oro
All swatched dry
They're all soo pretty i don't have a favorite yet!

NYX cream blush in Glow

Looks with these colors will be coming sooon! 


  1. pearl mania!!! I can't wait for your swatches ... how do you like the milani products???

  2. yes.... can swatch those pearl mania?

  3. NICE HAUL~ can i hav a photo of you in ROUGE cream blusher !! heard they are as good as MAC and NARS~

    thank you for the birthday wishes sor mui~! hehe
    i think i spend 30-40mins fixing my makeup lol
    tricky with falase upper lashes and also bottom lashes too :D

    the photos really turn out great~ when our eyes are accentuate well~!