Friday, February 25, 2011

Korea Part 1

I was Seoul excited to go to Korea over Xmas! I love their food and makeup! Here are just some of the pictures I took - mainly food! 

Squid Rings 

Fried potatoes on a stick 

More squid 

Abalone Congee 

Beautiful Xmas Lights

Mom and I 

Korean Snacks

BBQ Eel with seaweed rice in the background 

Stingray Sashimi 

Tons of clams and mussels

Never have I seen such a ginormous octopus! 

Abalone Sashimi 

Best abalone ever! So sweet and tender! 

We cant forget the most famous Kimchi! 


Cute ajuma making us some breakfast 

haha k! I think thats enough food for one day! More to come later! 


  1. Great pics! I loved it when I was in korea. The food, shopping and nighlife :) i miss it!!

  2. I miss korea too! all the cheap shopping and cosmetics!! and the FOOD YUM!! did you buy lots there?

  3. wow korea looks amazing and all that food! I think going to other countries during christmas is the best, because of all their xmas lights and festive spirit....or maybe it's just because my city lacks that feel hahaha great blog btw!!

  4. yummmm your korea food pics look SO YUMMY!! i want to try that fried potato stick thingy look so yummy!

  5. ahh i wanna go again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Droooool... This is torture!!

    Anyways, luck you :] You looked so cute and the food looks delish!