Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beijing 2010 Part 1

This post is a little late, as I had to start "studying" right away after I came back from my trip. But here are some pics from my trip to Beijing. It was super windy and cold in Beijing. I live in -20ish weather and I thought Beijing was cold even though there was no snow. 

If youve been following my posts for a while, you know that I love to take pictures of food. Im not sure why, I think it must be an Asian thing :P! 

We found a little restaurant behind our hotel and the food was amazing! It wasn't fancy or anything just very local Beijing food. Heres what we ate!

They had amazing tofu stuff that actually tasted like soybean! 

Pork dumplings in soup


Fried, spicy pork tendon 

Haha heres us snacking AFTER our first meal 
Roasted chestnuts! Really soft and delicious! Much better than the ones bought from the stores in HK

Just being tourists

More food... cept we didnt try these 

They seem to like to fry bugs and eat them? 


Cute dessert house 

$109 Mango! Which is about $17Cdn! It must be really good! 

Kings Residence... well more like a castle

Our tour guide told us this is a 4/5 star bathroom.... cept I still ended up peeing in a hole in the floor :( 

These are the original bricks are from thousands of years ago 

Peking Duck - this was soo good! The skin was so crisp but not hard like the stuff HK makes.

The Birdnest for Olympics

Thats it for now... look out for Part 2 of Beijing

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  1. omg i would love to visit Beijing someday! looks like fun. I'm not sure if I would eat all the food there though haha