Saturday, February 19, 2011

Would you ever get hitched in a month?

I heard some pretty interesting news (well... gossip) recently.

Heres the full story! 
Once upon a time, there was a girl in her early 30s and boy in his late 20s. They started dating for more than 6 months but no more than a year. One day, the girl tells her girlfriend that she is getting married NEXT MONTH to a man shes only gone out for NO MORE than a year and plan to get hitched in ONE MONTH! 

When i heard this I was totally shocked! First of all, the materialistic shock! How can someone plan a wedding in one month? What about the dress? the fitting? the makeup? the hair? your guests? the food? the flowers? the photography? the restaurant? the HOUSE? 

But... maybe this couple wants a small wedding with a few of their close friends and family there and a simple dress and simple food and very very plain everything (which still takes time to get organized). BUT what about the groom!?? Are you comfortable marrying someone you've only been with for no longer than a year?! Do you really know who he really is? Is he really the right person? 

Maybe I'm not at that age yet... and in couple years I might do the same (hopefully I wont become that desperate... but who knows!), but right now? I can not understand this concept? Isn't your wedding day suppose to be the most memorable, special and exciting day of your life? The wedding day is where the bride is the prettiest in her whole life with her gorgeous dress with flowers? not simple plain Jane dress with bad makeup and fake flower shit? Isn't this the day where you want to share with everyone you love and not like 4 of your friends? Why would anyone want to just such simplicity?  

Not that is any of my business... but I dont get it... do u?

P.S. Though I am writing this, I wish them the best of luck together!!  


  1. I've learned in my psych of marriage class that the romance/honeymoon stage in dating disappears within 6 months to 2 years and that couples should wait at least that long to get married. But there are a few exceptions to the rule (like my grandparents, who eloped only after a few weeks of meeting each other; they're still together after almost 60 years!). I personally would wait a few years before marrying my significant other, just because I would like to know that I'd love him despite arguments and his flaws. But that's just me. I hope these two people are the exceptions to the rule!

  2. Tiptoe21: I totally agree! The honeymoon phase does eventually disappear, for some it may last longer than 6 months, but eventually problems start to arise, no matter how happy you once were.

    Thats amazing how your grandparents are together for almost 60 years, however, i don't know if that holds true for our generation. We live in a generation where divorce and separation is part of the norm and so much easier than working things out and putting effort into relationships....