Thursday, February 17, 2011

My new love

I dropped by H & M a couple days ago and found this cute faux leather bow bracelet!

 I am in love with anything with bows so I instantly grab it! and guess what?! It was on sale for $2! originally $6.95. If I saw it for $6.95, I probably wouldn't of gotten it because it not real leather but for $2, I'm not complaining!


  1. omg that is seriously so cute.. i love all things bows too!! but i like that they made it in a faux leather.. it makes the bow kinda edgy!

  2. oooh I want! I have a white/gold one from Pacsun that's pretty similar :]

  3. omggg how cute!! i was gonna get the louis vuitton one but psh...this is a way better deal haha!