Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OPI Shattered

I  think everyones gone crazy for this nail polish! From what I know its sold out everywhere! I guess I was just really lucky. I randomly got this polish about 2 weeks ago. I went in to find OPI "Do you lilac it" and saw the katy perry collection and thought "Shattered" was a very unique polish.

 I have never seen anything like it! I found that it comes out very similar to the picture as long as you use thin light stokes.
I have a white/gold sparklely base by Revlon under it.
What do you guys think about OPI "shattered"? Hit or Miss? Did you get your hands on one?


  1. Awww I saw this and want it so much! where do you go to buy your OPI polishes?

  2. I totally couldn't find this anywhere so i just bought a polish from the texas collection haha! Hey btw do you want anything from me an another blogger are doing a haul from there let me know if u want anything.