Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Falling flat

I'm in my shopping phase lately (not that this phase ever really stops...). Its probably due to all the great sales happening! 

I picked these cute bling bling flats from Gap for $10! They have a cushion at the ball and heal of the foot which makes them super comfortable! 
Gap seems to be having great deals this year! Most of the time I walk in, its sales PLUS 40% off the sale price! and the stuff is actually improving! I actually like things there now! unlike the past.... 4 years! 

I also got these metallic silver ME TOO flats for about 40$. They totally remind me of the Gucci. Also very comfortable! 
These are replacing my silver rocket dog flats which I still love... but they kinda make my feet smelly.... -___-"

Have you found any good deals lately? 


  1. your new flats are super cute!!

  2. Those shoes are SO cute! I know platforms are so in, but I love flats, too <3

  3. Cute, cute, cute. I love flats. I agree GAP stuff is getting better!