Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gnomeo & Juliet

Im a huge fan of cartoons! I usually fall asleep in action films like Superman, Spider man, Iron Man.... basically any movie with a "Man" in it... I'll most likely fall asleep :P 

BUT! Cartoons no way! I watch the whole thing! I saw this last week and its such a cute movie! In my opinion, this movie really is a kids movie, its not one of those adult cartoons! If your into cartoons, go check it out! 


  1. i really want to see this.. i LOVE LOVE gnomes.. i love it so much i actually bought the travelocity gnome.. and i use to take it on vacation with me.. but my husband won't let me bring it anymore.. because it weighs like 10lb's and he always ended up carrying it hahahah.

  2. Can not wait to watch this one too!!!