Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Resizing your watch

Have you ever needed to resize your watch? I always need to ever time I get a new watch, they will always be too big for me. Instead of going to your local fixer watch dude, do it yourself! 

Its quite easy and fast! 

Heres what you need: 

Obviously, your watch that needs to be resized 
A fairly thick needle, preferably one that doesn't break as soon as you pound on it 
Something heavy to hammer the needle 

Find the little holes in the links of your watch 

Make sure your needle fits into the hole, if not pick one that fits 

Choose the side with the most links first 
Set your needle in the hole of the link you need removed 

Gently hammer the needle until the connection comes out the other end 

Using pliers, pull the connector out 

Do the same for the other connectors until link can be removed 

Hope this helps! 

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