Monday, October 12, 2009

Me + Happy bday!

Just a little about me:
• I drive like an old man reading a newspaper
• I swear when i see a cop driving beside me
• I think people who meet people on9 is weird and crazy
• I am old fashion
• I luv old skool music
• I dont own an ipod
• You can tell me an IQ question over and over again and Ill forget the answer
• I found someone who knows what I am thinking
• I luv sashimi
• I think a 35 year old dating a 19 year old is gross
• I treat my bags like bbs
• The only thing thats organized in my life are my notes
• I play the piano
• I wish my car was a bumper car so it would never break and bounce
• I luv cartoons
• I luv 3D movies! And own like 5 pairs of 3D glasses haha

And this has nothing to do with this post but Happy Birthday! Heres ur stupid sweater!