Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ms. Farmer

If you read my posts from previous years, you know I want to be a farmer... however, I dont have a very green thumb. Before this year, everything I touched, basically died on me! But not this year! :)! 

Here are some sweet peas L started for me in spring :)! 

 Now look at them! 

and my strawberry plant this year produced more than 3 starwberries the summer! It grew like 10! haha its not much of an improvement but I'm still a better farmer :)! 

Too bad summer is over where I live. I'll have to wait till next year to grow more! 

Do you grow anything? If so do you have any great tips? 


  1. 10 strawberries?! woot! :D
    homegrown food always tastes best.
    i've never grown any but my grandma does. she puts so much effort and time into it every summer..wonder how she does it.

  2. Mandy:
    I agree! They were the best tasting strawberries ever! Sweet and packed with so much strawberry taste! Unlike the ones I get at the local stores... sweet but no strawberry taste any more!