Thursday, September 10, 2009

Panasonic Eye Lash Curler! :D

I got this yesterday from for about 16$ US! It took about 10 days for it to get to me which isnt bad! I LUV IT! I read reviews from eki and fuzkittie that it was great! and it is!! It makes my lashes look even longer than heating my shu eyelash curler! Cept i use my shu curler first and then use the heated curler!
The curl lasted ALL day! and i just used a random cheap mascara (Covergirl lash blast lux)!


  1. Holy smokes, your lashes are almost touching your eyebrows! Gor-geous :D

  2. i wanna get this too!!
    the one i bought from sasa kaput already grrr

    uuu can stand whole day long...pweeet**

  3. wow, it certainly looks like it's doing a wonderful job!

  4. You know I've always wanted thick brows! Yours are perfect.


  5. thx! i used to hate my dark thick brows but now i think theyre great! i dont have to spend extra time drawing them in! :D

  6. i think lash blast is better than you give it credit for! hahah
    is there any risk that the heated eyelash curler will damage your lashes at all?? i was thinking of getting the one at sephora...
    thanks for a great post! :)

  7. haha kk fine fine i like lash blash too! but it is cheap! which is a good thing!
    Im not sure about the one from sephora but this doesnt seem to damage my lashes. Its pretty much the same thing as using a heated eyelash curler and ive been doing that for years now...