Monday, September 14, 2009

When i grow up I wanna be a......FARMER!!

haha apparently i wanna change careers and start farming!!
I cant wait till next summer when i can start growing fruits and veggies!!!
I planted a strawberry plant a couple weeks ago and i got ONE strawberry.. well actually i got 2 but then some stupid bunny or squirrel or something stole it!!!!!!!! -_-!!! but neways it was SOOOOO goood! it was soooo strawberry-y! it was tiny weeny but very sweeet! luved it!
I have never been a gardener because everything ive ever touched.... DIES!!!!!!!!!!!! but getting fruit makes me happy! haha im soo proud of myself :P! so hopefully these will grow back next summmer!


  1. haha sormui indeed..
    congratz on your newborn stobeli! its so cute!
    keep it up..your green hands will be nurtured

  2. wow~
    never knew that a not full-grewn strawberry looks like this...that so coooool~
    sorry for sounding childish xDD
    but it is really awesome(゜∀゜)(゜∀゜)――!!

  3. Good job, girlfriend! Hee your post title. :)

  4. haha woah i'm so proud of you too!

    i ever once planted tomato and was sooo excited when i saw roots coming out of the soil so i really water it to make sure it has enough water... however very tragically, they all died the next day (perhaps i water them tooo vigorusly). i was devastated. lol

    great job man!

  5. haha Alex! im like that too! i have a basil plant that watered soo much it died... well it almost died! I got this old man at work to help me save it all he did was just drain out all the water i put into it! now its still alive!!! kinda... :P

  6. Hi!

    Thanks for following my blog! You have a really lovely one here. haha I grew up on a farm, we grow mung beans. :) Congrats on the new fruit!

  7. Hi Sormui! You have a cute blog! I'm gona follow you! And what a sweet looking strawberry! I love strawberries too!! <3