Sunday, November 29, 2009

NARS + Guerlain

VIP Sephora 20% off Sale

I got the NARS "Silk Road" eye shadow (40$) and the Guerlain Meteorites Pearles (62$) Imperiale cuz ive been eyeing for a while but just couldnt justify spending soo much on them. So when Sephora had their 20% off I immediately grabbed it! Though I aready own very similar neutrals, I got this anyways because of the big chunks of sparkles in one of the shadows. The shadows are quite smooth and i have been using it almost everyday since I got it.

I luv the Meteorites! It was worth the 62$! I bought this because of the gorgeous packaging! Its black and blinged up!! I have read reviews that the black sparkles on the package have come off but this hasnt happened to me yet and hope it never will :D! The meteorities are very fine sparkles that give a very nice glow when brushed all over the face or just subtle highlighter on the nose and under the eyes -not a bling bling face.


  1. Gotta love Guerlain!! SO glad you got this!

  2. beauuutiffulll pick~~ lou hau suiii arr

    nars silk road is perfect for everyday romantic eyes!

    i just landed myself with guerlain meteorites too! the mini trio *luff luff
    delicious sugardrops looking! luv the lightly orchid fragrance too ..
    mythic & pinkfresh...a stroke of lux feeling hehe

  3. Oh I was looking for the trio at airports cept i couldnt find them nemore :(!

    and ur sooo right Nars silk road is gorgous for day and night! Luv it to pieces!